Ask Drew: 

Anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey toward higher achievement, deeper fulfillment, and a purpose-driven life needs a strong direction to build their new business and life which are undeniably interconnected. Drew Lewis’ foundational strategies and programs have helped thousands of people across the globe to take their business to the next level through my own companies. And I’m on a life-long missions to  help even more people achieve an extraordinary quality of life, business, and live every day with a state of purpose and creativity – so I’ve made this library of my core concepts available to you. 

“Never adjust the goals, always adjust the actions.” – Drew Lewis

Drew Lewis

Creative Entrepreneur & director

I Built my 6 figure design business by giving My Clients Results!

After building up into a 6-figure freelance design business, I’ve recently started building up my other company and team at IMAIJIN, a brand design and growth marketing agency, for more complex projects with six or seven figure budgets.
Now what does this mean for you? It means what I’m doing works for my clients and it will work for you, and I am prepared to help you at any level (massive or modest) of design, development, strategy, and marketing to offer results. Continue to the contact form and lets talk about your needs.
I love helping entrepreneurs, startups, creators, and businesses who are interested in getting more customers, growing more sales, saving money and time with smarter marketing, developing a brand identity your customers will love with loyalty, and creating effective strategies and campaigns to make everyone excited about your business.

Here’s a podcast interview I was invited on in Nov of 2012 to speak on my earlier achievements, failures, and the starting point of my then design startup business back in Oct 2012. As you’ll hear i love to laugh! Take a listen.


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