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Private Consulting • Premium Services

Premium Private Consulting Services: 

$500 – $750per hour

Drew Lewis, may not be a household name, but his transformative impact on countless brands as a premiere industry leader in branding, design, and marketing is undeniable, making him the visionary secret weapon behind many of effective brands.

He’s created a personalized, comprehensive strategy for businesses and professionals at all levels that directly addresses your unique challenges, driving tangible growth for your company. The modes of private consultation can range from 1-on-1 consultative training, mentorship, and workshops. Maximize your brand’s untapped potential with expert guidance, innovative strategies, and actionable insights that drive measurable results.At a premium rate of $500-$750 per hour, it’s an investment that should pay for itself many times over.

Investing in your brand’s future with our strategic insights, creative design solutions, and practical roadmaps will position your company as a market leader. Take the first step towards unleashing your brand’s full potential – contact him now to schedule a consultation….

It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Pricing packages • Services

Brand Audit & Strategy: $5,000 – $7,500

This package offers a high-level analysis of your brand, including in-depth market research. The goal is to identify opportunities and challenges, providing you with actionable recommendations to optimize your brand strategy. The investment in this package ensures your brand is positioned effectively in the market for growth and success.


  1. High-Level Analysis:
    • Review of brand positioning
    • Competitive analysis
    • High-Level internal analysis 
  2. Market Research:
    • Audience segmentation
    • Market trends analysis
    • Consumer behavior insights
  3. Summary of Findings:
    • Comprehensive report of analysis
    • Visual data representations (charts, graphs)
  4. Initial Recommendations:
    • Strategic recommendations for improvement
    • Suggested actions for brand enhancement.
…and more.

Brand Audit & Strategy: $5,000 – $7,500

This package delivers a complete branding solution, ensuring your brand has a unique and cohesive identity across all platforms. From logo design to a full brand guidelines document, this package covers every aspect of your brand’s foundation and positioning.


  1. Logo Design:
    • Custom logo creation
    • Multiple design concepts
    • Final logo in various formats
  2. Website Design:
    • User-friendly, responsive design
    • Content management system integration
    • SEO optimization
  3. Branding Collateral Kit:
    • Business cards, letterheads, and envelopes
    • Social media graphics
    • Promotional materials
  4. Brand Guidelines:
    • Detailed brand style guide
    • Typography and color schemes
    • Usage guidelines for logo and visuals
…and more.

Brand Audit & Strategy: $5,000 – $7,500

The Brand Accelerator package is an all-inclusive service designed to elevate your brand. Combining the elements of the Brand Audit and Bespoke Package, it also includes automation and ongoing management. This package is ideal for brands looking to make a significant impact quickly and sustain that growth over time.


  1. Brand Audit & Strategy:
    • Comprehensive analysis and market research
    • Detailed strategic recommendations
  2. Branding Bespoke Package:
    • Complete logo and website design
    • Full suite of branding collateral
  3. Automation:
    • Marketing automation setup (email campaigns, social media scheduling)
    • workflow automation
  4. Ongoing Management and Consultation:
    • 4-6 weeks of dedicated brand management
    • Regular performance reviews and adjustments
    • Monthly strategy sessions with actionable insights

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