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Consultative Approach

There is a hunger for a specialized and intimate approach to consultation where your project is not plugged into an agency machine which will divvy it up into so many segments, handed off to so many different departments adding their own flavor to it, that by the time your project is spit back out of the conveyor belt into your lap, it may be a frankensteinian concoction that is devoid of its original spirit. If you don’t want that kind of scenario, then you want 1-on-1 meetings using a consultative approach with ne as your single multi-disciplinary expert.  Bringing me on as your consultant will result in the same value of hiring an expensive agency, and you will avoid the common frustrations of dealing with an agency…. instead you will work directly with me where you will receive a customized and simplified program, intimate experience, better communication, and a MUCH cheaper cost. Partnering with me means you will be getting a business partner, brand strategist, designer, and a marketing and sales consultant all-in-one. You won’t need to deal with the exasperating process of interdepartmental miscommunication, instead all of those departments will converge into me as your one partner, one consultant, and one source.  My approach will help you contextualize and synthesize your data across divergent ecosystems in order to deal with any challenge, close any gap, or break through any barrier to reach your destination of a beautifully designed brand and brilliantly crafted campaign.

Entrepreneurial Resource

Learning about how to start a business is just as difficult as running one with any kind of sustainability or scalability. Trust me, i learned the hard way through rigorous education and extensive experience. As a serial entrepreneur it has been my passion to build my own smart and strong businesses, but also it having been my career to do for my clients in many different ways over the years, as a digital strategist, a marketer, a sales executive, a designer, and a creative director, where ive helped design and engineer countless brands from startup businesses to fortune 500 companies. The social purpose of this website is to serve as an outlet to research, theorize, and publish my content for entrepreneurs at any level… I research like a mad man, read voraciously, take massive amounts of notes, and test those ideas in real time… it would also be valuable to share those findings, theories, or modes of thinking to either help others and engage in valued discussion or stream of consciousness in response to the content generated on this platform. Conscientious discussions will benefit all the readers, including me, and it will assist us all in our entrepreneurial ventures.