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Learning about how to start a business is just as difficult as running one with any kind of sustainability or scalability. Trust me, i learned the hard way through rigorous self education and the school of hard knocks. As a serial entrepreneur it has been my passion to build my own smart and strong businesses, but also it having been my career to do for my clients in many different ways over the years, as a digital strategist, a marketer, a sales executive, a designer, and a creative director, where ive helped design and engineer countless brands from startup businesses to fortune 500 companies. The social purpose of this website is to serve as an outlet to research, theorize, and publish my content for entrepreneurs at any level… I research like a mad man, read voraciously, take massive amounts of notes, and test those ideas in real time… it would also be valuable to share those findings, theories, or modes of thinking to either help others and engage in valued discussion or stream of consciousness in response to the content generated on this platform. Conscientious discussions will benefit all the readers, including me, and it will assist us all in our entrepreneurial ventures.


Build the next mass media and entertainment conglomerate.

I’ve been fortunate enough to discover my life’s purpose at an early age, and it is to deliver powerful and inspiring creative content to the world. I’ve been forging my capabilities through decades of study, implementation, and experience of helping other people and businesses find their way. I love to tell compelling stories, express my creativity, innovate with design, build resonant brands, enhance my leadership skills, and strategize marketing campaigns to connect brands with consumers. My mission is to continue those interests, skills, and sensibilities and structure a company that will allow me to produce all content through current and emerging channels of media. IMAiJIN.