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I’m a creative entrepreneur & digital strategist

“Never adjust the goals, always adjust the actions.” – Drew Lewis

Anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey toward higher achievement, deeper fulfillment, and a purpose-driven life needs a strong direction to build their new business and life which are undeniably interconnected. Drew Lewis’ foundational strategies and programs have helped thousands of people take their business to the next level. I’m on a life-long mission to help even more people achieve an extraordinary quality of life, business, and live every day with a state of purpose and creativity.

Fields of Expertise

What My Clients Say

“Drew kicked ass for my brand! I went through multiple brand companies who could not offer strong branding for what we were trying to do. When I was introduced to Drew, he took me through a process that really helped us create a better direction and awesome visuals for Blondies!"
Blondies By Jenny
Entertainer / Celebrity
“We loved working with Drew! He is an outstanding brand designer, a reliable collaborator, and overall a delightful person to work with from start to finish. We approached Drew to assist us in preparing for an event to showcase our plans for American Idea Hotels, plus other future brands and ventures. His consulting, brand design, and architectural renderings helped us to communicate our goals, get them approved, and deploy our new brand in the most elegant and effective manner."
Trump Hotels
Executive Vice President of Brands & Innovation
"Drew is a solid guy! I enjoyed working with him for the past couple of months! He and I worked on two projects to bring money, awareness, and inspiration back to the people of Zambia, Africa. Drew did great work on the African-pride comic book and branding we worked on together to help save the kids of Zambia. And he did a beautiful job on our second project by helping us develop strong brand design for our African cryptocurrency venture."
MMA Fighter / Actor / Entertainer

My Story

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Personal Branding Workshop

June 5, 2019

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