Weak Brand Names Cost Sales and Customers: Here’s How to Fix It

The Hidden Costs of Forgettable Brand Names A memorable brand name is not a luxury but a necessity. According to the Journal of Marketing Research, memorability boosts customer recall by 33%. Yet, many businesses overlook this critical element, resulting in lost sales and missed opportunities. This article explores why a forgettable brand name can be … Read more

AI’s Hidden Bubble: 3 Financial Challenges Threatening AI Companies

From our analysis, they are set to implode nearly every company that relies too heavily on AI in less than 2-3 years. Anyone that’s been working or integrating AI into their business models has discovered a harsh reality: AI has two profitability issues. Currently, nearly all of the foundational generative AI models and multi-modal models … Read more

How to Build Strong Business Instincts: A Neuroscience-Backed Guide

Good business often hinges on the ability to make intuitive and educated decisions. While knowledge and experience are essential, there’s one critical skill that separates the best from the rest: great instincts. Developing an instinctual sense for business can help you move skillfully through challenges, seize opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s discuss … Read more

AI: The Secret Destroyer of Jobs and Companies

RIP. Your job and company are either dying or dead. AI will continue to knock them off one by one, destroying the very idea of companies and jobs as we know them. I’m not being speculative. If the current trajectory of rapid advancements in AI continues, this scenario can indeed become a possible future. AI’s … Read more

Google’s 2024 Search Update Targets AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content has rapidly proliferated across platforms since the launch of market-ready generative AI tools in September 2022. This surge presents significant challenges for search and social media platforms that have long relied on human-generated content for its unique perspectives and authentic communication. Generative AI has notably increased spam levels. We define spam as any … Read more

Difference Between Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement. What Is It?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (or NDA) and Confidentiality Agreement (or CDA) are well-known documents to the average entrepreneur for their general use of preserving the secrecy of confidential, proprietary, or sensitive data, which the parties involved should not disclose for a set period. But, many businesses, creators, and freelancers are unaware that they are using these … Read more