Become a Beta-Client.

Congrats on being invited to my “beta-client” program which is 100% free of charge for the first session.

Why Were You Selected?: I’ve identified you as an entrepreneur or business with a high probability of growth, high-potential product/service, and deep motivation to improve your current condition(s). and I’ve ascertained based on our brief conversations that you will gain tremendous value from the consultant services I can offer.

Is Everyone Eligible for the Beta-Client Program, Drew?: Unfortunately no. My time is limited. Even though you were pre-qualified, I want to make certain that we are a great fit to work together and you will gain a lot from our consultation.

How long will the beta-client program last? Everyone has a unique set of challenges, therefore, I will conduct an assessment to determine which modules I will assign to you. I will inform you after your form submission below.

Do I have to sign a contract? Yes, you will need to sign a Barter Service Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement before we begin and you are more than welcome to have any third-party and/or legal counsel review the documents.

How will we handle existing copyright, trademark, patents, or any other intellectual property right(s)? I am not interested in nor will I try to acquire any existing copyright, trademark, patents, or any other intellectual property right(s) during our work together. Nor will I try to claim or transfer any creation, invention, and/or authorship you rightfully own.

Whats your professional background, Drew?I am a brand strategist, business consultant, sales trainer, marketer, and designerI’ve been trusted by some of the world’s top brands to deliver results on many of their projects, such as CBS, Louis Vuitton, Trump Hotels, Jenny McCarthy (Blondies by Jenny), Intel, Corona, American Osteopathic Association, Deepak Chopra / OMED, MGM Grand, and more. I’ve also helped many MANY startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to find their footing and success as well – and I am 100% certain I can do the same for you.

So Whats The Catch, Drew?!: I love to help people! And it would be helpful for you to share your experience with others by doing an awesome written or video testimonial review about our work together!

What will you do the data from our Beta Program? With respect to your privacy and permission, I would ask for you to allow me to share the metrics & results of our work together for advertising/marketing purposes so I can continue to help more people.

Hidden Costs? Bait and Switch?: Absolutely not, I’m not going to surprise you with hidden costs…this will be completely free of charge. I am a straight-forward person. 

What happens after we complete our Free Beta-Client Program? All I’d ask is that you carry out the mission we set forth for your business, and if you need help in the future when it comes to brand development, product launch, design, animation, and marketing services, I’d appreciate if you thought about me and contact me!!! Keep in mind that those brand, design, and/or marketing services will be paid services and will be under my other businesses which specialize in those areas.

How do I get started? Please complete the form below with honest and accurate answers and I will contact you with a decision on if we can work together!

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