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How I became a world-class branding consultant, marketing strategist, business growth master, and creative entrepreneur.

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Inspired at the young age of 5, Drew developed an appetite for the arts to bring form to his already emerging creativity and budding imagination. He began his journey to capture not only the magic, but the method behind the comics, films, and animation programs which enchanted him as a child.

At his local high school, Drew was awarded a scholarship to attend ‘The Ryman Program for Young Artists’ after winning a regional-wide art contest at the age of 16. The weekly program was held at the University of Southern California (U.S.C.) campus within the Fine Art Department by several elite artists. It was through this program where Drew received life changing mentorships from many acclaimed professionals, whom worked closely with him to nurture his gifts and further his understanding of the theories and methods of illustration.

Drew was accepted to many of the best art schools in California, however, college was unattainable for him financially. Instead of quitting on his dream of becoming an artist, he adopted a doctrine of self-education, and began schooling himself to enhance his skillset as an designer, illustrator, marketer, and brand developer.
After a few years of hard work and dedication, often times involving 16-18 hour days of a non-stop work rate, Drew started receiving offers to work on small projects in the entertainment and media industry. As he broadened his experience and continued to develop an already impressive portfolio, he was also building a reputation as a serious talent.

Then, it happened… Drew started taking meetings with major brands who began to reach out after seeing Drew’s unique set of skills and services, brands such as Louis Vuitton, CBS, Trump Hotels / Organization, Corona, Jenny McCarthy, MGM Grand, Intel, Celebrities, Famous R&B and Pop Music Groups, and many more.

Drew hopes to continue his journey of breaking past the boundaries of his creative limits, evolve his abilities, and sign onto more exciting projects within the entertainment industry. His greatest ambition is for his work to capture the imagination of his audience, but more importantly, he hopes his art/actions will inspire everyone to pursue their dreams.




I’ve been fortunate enough to discover my life’s purpose at an early age, and it is to deliver powerful and inspiring creative content to the world. I’ve been forging my capabilities through decades of study, implementation, and experience of helping other people and businesses find their way. I love to tell compelling stories, express my creativity, innovate with design, build resonant brands, enhance my leadership skills, and strategize marketing campaigns to connect brands with consumers.

Anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey toward higher achievement, deeper fulfillment, and a purpose-driven life needs a strong direction to build their new business and life which are undeniably interconnected. Drew Lewis’ foundational strategies and programs have helped thousands of people take their business to the next level. I’m on a life-long mission to help even more people achieve an extraordinary quality of life, business, and live every day with a state of purpose and creativity.

“Never adjust the goals, always adjust the actions.” – Drew Lewis

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